Bread & Cheese

Discover How to Make your Own
Cheese & Bread on an Actual Farm

Gourmet Fetta & Traditional Sourdough Bread
Full-Day Hands-On Workshop


Gourmet Fetta and Traditional Sourdough Bread Workshop

You may never have the need to buy Sourdough Bread or Gourmet Fetta Cheese again once you find out how you can make your very own traditional Sourdough bread and Gourmet Fetta cheese.

Bread in OvenFull-day workshop on our farm with all ingredients supplied, and at the end of the day, you get to take home approx 1kg of yummy Gourmet Fetta cheese and 4 delicious loaves of real Sourdough bread along with your ‘Mother” bread starter.

PS. Workshops on our farm are never just about Bread & Cheese. You get to:
– meet our extended family,
– see what we do to live at 80% self-sustainability,
– buy seasonal fresh produce, and
– most of all have loads of fun.
The skills and the produce you take home will delight your family and friends as they have ours for many years.

gift vouchers availableCost: $175 per person (this includes all ingredients)

Duration: 9:00am – 4:00pm(…ish, depending on oven)

Refreshments: Morning tea and lunch provided

Where: 144 Emmersons Road, Lovely Banks, Geelong

What you need to bring: Apron

What can you expect? You will make Gourmet Fetta Cheese and a minimum of 3 loaves of traditional sourdough bread to take home. You will also be given a ‘Mother’ bread starter. Complete course notes and recipes included. Our rennet is vegetarian.

Payment and Bookings: A 50% deposit is required to secure your place. Deposits are non-refundable but are transferable to another date should the unforeseeable happen.

Maximum: There is a maximum limit of 5 people in each class.

Dates: Choose one of our scheduled dates below or get your group of 4-5 together and contact us to arrange a suitable date with you. Please visit our EVENTS page for dates and to make your booking.

School Holidays: during the school holidays, if you get your own group of 4-5 together, contact us and we will accommodate you with a workshop date that suits you.