Magic Meadow is a real working farm

Visit our farm gate to select your fresh produce

Meet our pigs, chickens, lamb, and ducks that roam Magic Meadow.


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Our Farm

Our farm has been developed around self-sustainability. We produce and sell directly to the public many products including honey, eggs, jams, sauces and various preserves.

During the cooler months, we have workshops demonstrating basic cheese making and traditional sourdough bread that can be reproduced easily in your own home.

Fresh farm produce and over 100 pantry items to add to your order including pasta, cheese, eggs, sourdough bread, honey, kombucha, yogurt, and more

Visit our Geelong Farm (note open hours) or order online for delivery (view eligible delivery locations).

Highly recommend!

I would highly recommend a trip to Magic Meadow. An amazing farm and set up and completely organic. Truly seasonal, and ethical. Not for when you have a specific shopping list, just go and enjoy the feel of it all and take home what looks best, which is pretty much everything. Well worthwhile. The whole experience is enjoyable and you’ll get the best-guaranteed pesticide-free, 100% organic produce in Geelong, fresh from the farm.

– Kim Jennings March 2019

Meet our fresh produce, pantry item, meat and seafood partners.

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