What’s the difference between Organic and Chemical free?

Organic farms still use some chemicals but the chemicals they use are approved by the Organic Association.

Chemical free farms on the other hand are exactly that, chemical free!

Magic Meadow is a chemical free farm which means that you get to pick your veggies amongst the weeds (since our veggie paddocks are chemical free).

What’s so special about Raw Honey?

People have been eating raw honey for centuries as it is rich in food value ie. it is very good for you.

Now, regular honey purchased from many sources has been heated to such high temperatures that its organic food value has been killed.

When we process our honey however, we do not heat it up, we do not add ANY ingredients to it and we do not blend it with other honey. It’s straight from the hives and the only time it leaves our farm is with you.

How do I tell if I have purchased Raw Honey?

One way is to buy your honey from a local Bee Keeper. But first, ask them how they process it BUT?don’t ask them if they heat it up when processing.

Another way is to look at your honey. In raw honey you are bound to see small bits of honeycomb.

Also, raw honey WILL crystalise if you don’t eat it fast enough. And if you put your honey container outside on a warm day or in a bowl of warm water it will return too liquid honey again.


What happens if I have paid my deposit for a workshop and can’t attend?

If you inform us at least 7 days prior we are more than happy to help you by transferring you to another date.

If you give us less than 24 hours verbal notice, we will do what we can to place you in another workshop as soon as possible.

Gift Vouchers

Can I order a Gift Voucher NOT using PayPal?

Yes, you can. We will accept orders through wire transfer. If this suits you best, contact us to discuss arrangements.

Do I need a PayPal account to order a Gift Voucher?

No, you don?t. PayPal will process your credit card without you needing to have a PayPal account.

Cymbidium Orchids

What type of fertiliser should I use on my Cymbidium orchids and how often should I feed them?

We suggest you use a liquid fertiliser, there are many on the market and use only at half strength. Cymbidium Orchids should be fertilised with liquid fertiliser fortnightly – all year round.

ALso, use a slow release fertiliser to the manufacturers instructions.

How do I tell when it’s time to re-pot my Cymbidium Orchids?

A good guide- telling signs is usually when the root system appears to be just about to break out of the pot.

How often should I water my Cymbidium Orchids?

Like all potted plants, they need regular watering and more in summer and less in winter. Don’t sit them in water, their root system will not benefit from this.

Soil or Bark?

At Magic Meadow, we only use Orchid bark from Bio Gro. We find we get much better long term results using a quality product such as this. Bio Gro orchid bark can be found in most quality nurseries.